Witch's Stew Brew Animated Prop

SKU: 80/MR124446

Witch's Stew Brew Animated Prop

SKU: 80/MR124446
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This menacing enchantress stands before her bubbling black cauldron with flickering inchessmoldering coals inches whil small blond-haired toddler by the feet. Includes 400W Fog Machine and hose attachment for added spooky ambiance! Once activated the fog will begin to swirl in her green bubbling cauldron as the witch's eyes light up head and torso turn from side-to-side and the child screams and flails about! The Witch Prop will say one of three sayings with each activation! Activation options: steady-on Step-Here pad and infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5 feet away and works in all lighting conditions). Includes a standard UL power adapter which plugs into any 110 outlet. Assembly required, easy to follow instructions are included. Assembled dimensions are 80 inchesH x 40 inchesW x 45 inchesD. Animati uses 36 inches of space. Prop will say one of three sayings with each activation: inches(evil laughter) inches; inchesSee what happens when the woods alone. Let this be a lesson to you - and a meal for me! Eh heheheh! inches; inches You will make a tasty m have any brothers or sisters that would like to visit me as well? Eh heheheh! inches


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