Oompahpah Moustache

SKU: 18/46010
Oompahpah Moustache

Oompahpah Moustache

SKU: 18/46010
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  • For your larger than life personality, no ordinary moustache will do. This oversized Oompahpah Moustache was made for you! Constructed in a synthetic fiber, this hysterically huge Handlebar Moustache curls up neatly at the corners and extends to the sides so it resembles sideburns as well as a moustache. The facial hair is stitched onto a fabric piece so it will stay neatly in place and is held up by lengths of white elastic that stretch behind the wearers head.
  • Includes: One fake moustache on an elastic band.
  • Colors: Grey (Light Grey).
  • Size:  One Size. It’s roughly 11 inches long x 4 inches wide.
  • Materials: Synthetic

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