Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup

SKU: 28002
Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup
Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup
Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup
Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup

Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup

SKU: 28002
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F/X Aire™ is simply the finest, smoothest, most trouble free, alcohol-based HD airbrush makeup formulation available today! If you have to crank your airbrush pressure up to 25psi just to get your paint to go through your gun, you’re using the wrong product! Graftobian F/X Aire™ requires low air pressure, only 4-6 PSI,  to spray on smoothly and beautifully.  Our super durable formula is ideal for face and body artistry that needs to last all day, up to 14 hours. The 62 shades are completely mixable to allow creation of an infinite amount of intermediate shades. We have had water theme parks using our F/X Aire™ for years. Kids can play in the water and still look like a lizard through all the splashing! Parents love this product because it is both safe, and washes off with warm water, soap and a washcloth! Finally, the 2 oz. size means that you get much more makeup for your hard-earned dollars. Try Graftobian once and you’ll stop wasting your money on the others. 

Proudly made in the USA

We triple-mill our formulation which results in much smaller particle sizes than all other brands of airbrush make-up. This micronization process means virtually NO CLOGGING of your brushes and a problem-free day of spraying. The amount of alcohol used in this formula is very small. It is just enough to allow us to use the more durable alcohol-soluble co-polymer (what holds the pigment to the skin) so that your creations will stay looking great throughout the day. Also, the alcohol addition makes F/X Aire™ one of the cleanest, most sanitary forms of paint you can use. Additionally, like all Graftobian products, it is made in the USA and uses only USDA certified safe ingredients. We also offer a Clear Diluting Fluid, which is used to reduce color intensity while increasing its adhesion.

Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

Shipping Note: Item contains alcohol. For the most economical rate, please select ground shipping when you checkout.


Please Note: This item contains alcohol and can only be shipped via ground to the contigious United States. 

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