Coin in Bottle Trick

Coin in Bottle Trick

Coin in Bottle Trick

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There are dozens of uses for this versatile gimmicked coin, including the ever popular Coin in Bottle trick. Each coin is cut by hand and made in the USA by a machinist who knows his business.

The classic Coin in Bottle effect:

Imagine being able to borrow a coin and a bottle from a spectator and then causing the coin to penetrate the bottle and end up inside! The mouth of the bottle is much too small for the coin to pass through so how does the coin get into the bottle?

You can pass the bottle around showing the coin inside. At any time, you wish you can easily remove the coin from the bottle and return both the coin and the bottle to the spectator. Impossible? Maybe, but not for you!

This is a classic in coin magic and can be repeated over and over with no set up.

Instructions are included with this trick.

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