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From a 1920's novelty shop, to a nationwide theatrical distributor

Keran S Caufield, Sr got into the novelty business by way of a circuitous route. 

An Irish immigrant, Caufield opened a photography studio in Louisville, Ky., in 1915. Business was good and there were usually a few people waiting their turn in the studio’s outer office. Caufield, using the $25.00 he had received in an accident settlement, bought some magic tricks. Practical jokes sold well in the busy waiting room as patrons waited for their photos to be developed. Soon the novelty business outpaced the photography business and he put away his camera and opened Caufield’s Novelties in 1920.

The store’s magic tricks, practical jokes and toys sold well even through the Depression years. While novelties were not something people had to have, they were inexpensive and lighthearted and the local public continued to purchase them, despite the hard times. 

Caufield's continued to grow and expand its mix of Holiday Decorations and 
Seasonal merchandise with the continued dedication of the Caufield family and staff.

Today, Caufield's is one of the oldest & largest theatrical distributors in the nation, actively stocking thousands of items. Caufield's manufactures, imports and distributes merchandise to locations across the nation and the world abroad. 

We sincerely thank you for visiting our web site and hope if you see something of interest you will give us the opportunity to add you to our century's worth of satisfied customers.

- Caufield's

Est. 1920

K.S. Caufield Novelties

Established in 1920, this is the earliest known photograph of our original storefront at 308 S. Third Street taken sometime in the 1930's
1920 - 1974

308 South Third Street

Our first location at 308 S. Third Street as it appeared in 1974
1974 - 1987

228 West Market Street

Caufield's was located at 228 West Market Street from 1974 until 1987 when we moved to our current location at 1006 West Main Street
1987 - PRESENT

1006 West Main Street

Our current location at 1006 West Main Street as it appeared in 1987, shortly after we moved in

Caufield's Novelty

Stop in and visit us at 1006 West Main Street - we look forward to your visit and hop to add you to our century's worth of satisfied customers!

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1006 W Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202

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