Buddha Money Mystery Trick

Buddha Money Mystery Trick

Buddha Money Mystery Trick

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Place a flat object (like a coin) inside the papers, fold them up, then unfold them again- the object has vanished!

When you fold and unfold the papers again, the object reappears!

Yes- it's THAT EASY!
Even a child can do this wonderful effect.
If you can fold a piece of paper, you can do this trick!


These papers can be used to produce or vanish ANY flat item that will fit inside them- a secret message, a business card, etc.
Choose from two different routines: you can open the papers and show that all are empty, then fold them up, and open them again to PRODUCE a coin.
Or you can start with the papers open, place the coin inside the papers, fold them up, and when you open them again, the coin is gone.

Instructions are included with this trick.

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