Laurel Leaf Headband

SKU: 18/18229
Laurel Leaf Headband

Laurel Leaf Headband

SKU: 18/18229
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Did you know that the word "laureate," is a noun, used to describe someone who has achieved distinction? A "laureate'' comes from the ancient custom of crowning winners of athletic competitions with a wreath made from leaves of the bay laurel tree!

This accessory lets you become the laureate at your costume event, even if you haven't won anything lately, you will still have achieved distinction in how good you look, compared to the rest of the party. If anyone asks and just has to know where you found this headband, make sure you let them know it was awarded to you by the gods, for your many accomplishments in life! Anyways, if you are planning to sport a Greek/Roman costume, or even just an athletic costume be sure to add this Laurel Leaf Headband and help your costume achieve a distinct look!

This headband features gold plastic leaves on a piece of foam with elastic ties.  This unisex headband fits most adults.

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