Roman Empress Women's Costume

SKU: 480/01069S
Roman Empress Women's Costume

Roman Empress Women's Costume

SKU: 480/01069S
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All hail the Empress!

For a woman who already possess the beauty of a queen, we have this Roman Empress Costume so you can not only have beauty, but power as well. You will be kept fairly busy as a ruler of Rome, but maybe you can have the Senate take care of the business of state.

While you lounge with your friends. Eating grapes, and drinking wine. Just be sure to keep a dagger on you at all times. Romans are a crafty bunch who sometimes over throw their leaders. You don't want to be the next Caesar, saying "Et tu, Brute?"

Items Included:

  • Medallions 
  • Armbands
  • Dress with attached drape
    Long Plush Beard w/Elastic
    Trucker Moustache
    The Man Moustache Dark Brown
    Fabric Roman Laurel Wreath
    Roman Sandals
    Large Knight Sword
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