Inflatable Ghostbusters Proton Pack

SKU: 53/32960
Inflatable Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Inflatable Ghostbusters Proton Pack

SKU: 53/32960
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Let's cut to the chase, you saw the new Ghostbusters movie and you just had to have a proton pack. Now we know what you're thinking, this inflatable proton pack will not fire a charged particle beam and no, it won't blast ghosts into a submissive state, allowing you to properly catch them with one of your ghost-trapping devices. If we can be completely honest here, we are not sure that selling a device capable of that sort of things is even legal, and it's definitely not safe. Okay, so we're doing you a solid by just selling this Ghostbusters Inflatable Backpack instead of the real deal!  The bad news is it won't stop ghosts; however, the good news is, you won't accidentally blast any of your friends with a particle beam when you head to a party wearing your cool Ghostbusters costume! 

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